What Can You Do For Free?


… well quite a lot as it turns out! Here are some good ones for starters. Mostly Sydney / Northern Beaches.

Are there free sessions in other places that people should know about? I’d love you to share by leaving a comment below.

What’s on Offer?

What? Ocean Swimming with the Bold & Beautiful
Where? Manly SLSC to Shelley and back
When? 6:45 for a 7am start, every day
Who? email Julie Isbill or 0438 36 34 52
How? Be sure to register with Julie when you arrive

What? Cycling & Running Sessions with Karmea Fitness
Where? Northern Beaches, starting in Manly
When? 7am Sunday & 7pm Thursday
Who? email TI coach Sarah Anne Evans or 0420 923 067
How? By arrangement with Sarah Anne

What? Yoga & Pilates c/o Lululemon Athletica
Where? In store at Warrhingah Mall
When? 6:30pm Tuesday & 9am Sunday
Who? Special Guest Sol Walkling on Tuesdays in August
How? Just turn up! Bring a mat if you have one.

What? Massage with TI coach Ben Wearing
Where? Balgowlah & surrounding suburbs
When? Evenings / Saturdays by arrangement
Who? email Ben to arrange a time
How? Trainee Masseur

What? Outdoor Fitness Training with Primal Fit
Where? Balmoral, Domain, Rose Bay & Others
When? Mostly mornings & lunchtimes
Who? Contact Alex Shirley via website
How? Trial Session is Free

What? Coaching with Positive Impact Consulting
Where? Your home (by phone or audio CD)
When? By arrangement
Who? Contact Amber Kay via website
How? Free coaching session, CD & great newsletter

What? Monthly Meetup for The Work of Byron Katie
Where? Sydney – members take it in turns to host
When? Saturdays from 10am to 3pm
Who? People who want to question stressful beliefs
How? Sign up for updates and information here

What? The Kindness Revolution
Where? Wherever you are!
When? Today!
Who? If YOU want to…
How? Random Acts of Kindness

There is some good stuff out there, as you can see! I have personally tried all of these services and recommend them highly. I’m hoping that at least one of them will be of interest to you.

Just to make it 100% clear it really is ok to just do the free sessions and you don’t have to ‘upgrade’ or become ‘a customer’ unless of course you enjoy it so much that you want more. Its always a risk! Most of them you can go back as many times as you like for free. Some of them not. It IS ok to make a living doing something that helps people, isn’t it?
But why do all these people bother to give their precious time and energy for no $$$ reward? I can tell you they are all jolly nice people who genuinely want to help others but I think there is more to it that that. The missing question…

… Why?

4 reasons that people offer things ‘for free’:

  • Feels great to ‘pay it forward’. Sweet…
  • Good fun to be part of a tribe – especially for the leader!
  • Perfect opportunity to develop skills & build confidence.
  • A great way to showcase services & put ‘it’ out there.

I’m sure you can have a good guess at which of these apply for each of the examples above.

What About Me?

OK its your turn! I’m inspired by all the generosity and I’d like to give away some TI goodies.

Our 2 Hour Demo is great value at $25. It is an outstanding course for anyone who is ready to rethink the way they swim. Give us 2 hours and we can help you to make some big changes in your stroke.

You can check out dates and sign up here:

Brisbane Demo

Melbourne Demo

Sydney Demo

Each month we give away 4 free tickets in each location. They sell out quickly.

If you want to be the first to know when we release new course dates you can sign up for our mailing list. If you tell us where you are and how often you’d like to hear from us we can send you the right information at the right time.

Once you are on our mailing list we will send you will get to know about our courses before anyone else. We will also send you details of our special offers and prize giveaways. Not to mention interesting articles about swimming and other stuff. Here is that link again in case you missed it…

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