Insane or Inspired?


July and August is the most challenging time of the year to go swimming. Here are some good ‘excuses’ if you are looking for one:

  • Water temperature in the ocean is lower than normal (its actually still quite pleasant and there is always the option of a wetsuit and / or joining the Bold & Beautiful if you can get to Manly for a 7 am start but more about that in a later blog…)
  • The pool is empty! Our local Andrew ‘Boy’ Charlton in Manly  has been closed all July and her better looking sister in the Domain takes a four month break each winter… Still plenty of pools open (eg the iconic Bondi Icebergs is open year round) but certainly less options.
  • Rainy Days!!! Is it just me or is it harder to get motivated about going swimming when its raining? I actually love the sensation of swimming in the rain but 
  • Less events to train for… with the domestic Triathlon and Ocean Swims seasons on hold many of you are having a break or have shifted your focus to running for the winter. 

Of course this is the time of year when you can ‘get ahead’! Look our for the TI swimmers who are taking our ‘fishlike freestyle’ programme in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne and don’t be surprised if they are swimming faster and easier when you next swim with them. Plenty of kudos to everyone who is swimming regularly through the winter, especially Icebergers and the Cold & Beautiful who are doing it the way nature intended!

I’d love to inspire you from the comfortable arms of your sofa into the water! If you think the ocean is too cold you may need to think again after watching this…

I’d like to introduce you to the human polar bear, Mr Lewis Pugh.

Whether you feel inspired or you think Lewis is insane, I’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you think via a comment below.

What is your favorite swimming video? I’d love you to share! Please post a link in your comment.



2 Responses to “Insane or Inspired?”

  1. Maggie La Says:

    Hi Dunstan,

    A very inspiring individual!

    Thought you might like to hear about his latest achievement – swimming at Mt Everest!


  2. Dunstan Bertschinger Says:

    Thanks Maggie, that movie is a powerful follow up!

    I particularly like the part where he is reflecting on his learnings and the the failure of his initial aggressive attempt. He asks the question:

    “What kind of mindset do I require to successfully complete a task?”

    There is no need to swim at 5000m altitude in glacial melt water to apply this wisdom. Your ‘task’ may be swimming a single length, completing an Ironman or crossing the English Channel.

    What kind of mindset will serve you best?

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