Port Macquarie – Aussie Ironman Champs


The second and final Ironman installment… Click here to read part one

The 2010 Australian Ironman will be remembered  for a hot bike leg, noticeable current on the swim and a false start after a hooter amongst the spectators, rumors put it down to an April fool’s prank…

Several TI swimmers will remember race day for personal reasons. It fills me with excitement to read race reports where something deeply human is revealed and I think you will enjoy these tales of courage. Each person has their own story even just getting to the start line and I honor each of these stories and the brave humans who have lived them and shared their experiences. I have also included results for some TI swimmers who took part. There are numerous PBs for the swim leg and overall and I would love to hear more – please feel free to share via the ‘comments’ at the bottom of this post.

Cheryl Symons was back with a big PB after racing her debut last year with a broken arm! She exited at the ‘pointy end’ of her target range for the swim leg. Nice work!

Ironman went well for me, despite the heat.  I got off to a good start with the swim, other than a few knocks and kicks I felt calm and good in the water the whole swim and exited the water in 1:20:31 which I was really happy with.  Before I entered the water I told my parents if I was having a good day I would exist in 1:20 and a bad swim in 1:40 so I was thrilled when I saw the time.  The ride was tough on the 2nd and 3rd laps as the wind had picked up as had the heat.  The run was equally as tough, but where I put most of my training in so I wasn’t as effected as some others, I faded a little in the heat between 20 and 30 ks but then got my second wind and ran the last lap really strongly and finished the day in 13:32:59 which was 19 minutes faster than last year. 

I’ve started back running and had the first hit out on the bike today and will be back in the water later in the week.  I went into Ironman this year a little down but have come out of it with a renewed enthusiasm.  Looking forward to the next TI session at the start of May.

Hope all is going well with you.




Luke Whitcher has faced a lot more than his share of challenges. You  may have read about his quest to raise money for the Aspect organisation which cares for his severely autistic son. Luke had to dig deep to make it to the bike cutoff and also the 17 hour mark overall. He has been really grateful for the opportunity to share his story with the TI community (you can read it here to read the article if you missed it) and I know that your messages of support and encouragement helped him to dig deep through the darker stretches. It isn’t too late to contribute and any amount is ok, ever dollar will make a difference to an autistic child and their families. Click here to donate. In any case his race report on the ‘transitions’ site is well worth a read.

There’s good news and bad news – first the bad news: I didn’t beat Tony Abbot – the good news is: a) I didn’t have to see him in Pink Lycra; and b) I finished!

It was a bit of an epic, mainly due to my cycle leg where the heat was devistating (hottest autumn day in region for ages), the headwind going back to town kept me at half my normal speed and the nature of the course being much hillier than other triathlon cycling courses. Rather then go on about it here, I put it in the Transitions forum – if you have a spare 5-10 minutes, have a read:


Anyway, just wanted to say thankyou to everyone for all the awesome support and donations – the webpage shows $9.8k, however there is also direct cheques of ~ $1.4k, a pledge from the local council for a minimum of $250 and ~ $2k in Westpac matching gifts – this means we’ve raised nearly $13.5k!

Here are a couple of pics of Luke near the end…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Here are those results – Stuart, Adrian and Brisbane TI coach Bill all exited within a 45 second bracket and were well placed to ride with the faster guys. I know that Stuart was working on his TI during race week and I think that his swim was a PB by 5 minutes. Bill started right at the back and swam through half of the field, posting a time that was 10 minutes faster than he expected. 100% Rockstar!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the event. For the rest of us there is always another time…


Results for Port Mac IM 2010

First Last Swim Bike Run Overall
Adrian McKelvie 1:04:29 6:27:37 4:17:41 12:00:03
Bill Farry 1:04:50 5:43:47 4:18:00 11:20:30
Cheryl Symons 1:20:31 7:27:28 4:30:30 13:32:59
Lisa Enright 1:14:59 6:46:25 5:30:01 13:41:30
Luke Whitcher 1:36:28 8:35:17 6:17:04 16:46:58
Steve Ball 1:10:39 6:32:57 4:49:47 12:45:14
Stuart Borwick 1:04:04 5:38:11 4:27:09 11:18:45
Terry Tattersall 1:31:22 5:52:51 4:20:23 11:53:18

One Response to “Port Macquarie – Aussie Ironman Champs”

  1. Luke (L-Plates) Says:

    Thanks for all the support Dunstan and the TI community.

    Although I finished at the rear of the field and nearly missed two cut-offs, and can safely say I enjoyed the swim and it was only the bike leg that really made life difficult once the cramps came. To keep composure and remember all the support everyone had provided meant too much to pack it in, so I was just so happy to hit the finish line – even though I got in trouble for making the kids wait up too late.



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