Taking the Leap


Autumn is upon us and the triathlon racing season is reaching its grand finale with Australian Ironman taking place in Port Macquarie on Sunday and the spectacualr Tamarama to Clovelly swim on Easter Monday. The ocean is still beautifully warm and body surfing at my local beach in Narrabeen is a great way to re-energise and balance out the hours spent in front of the computer. I love the sensation of the waves and the thrill of knowing that the ocean is far more powerful than I am!

North Narrabeen boasts a fine rockpool which is conveniently separated from the brunt of the ocean by an outcrop of rocks. It is possible to jump into the ocean and swim about 500m around to the beach. As with any good adventure there is an element of risk involved. To start with you have to pick your footing carefully and be careful not to be knocked over by the waves breaking over the rock ledge. Once you get to the edge (keeping a close eye on the incoming waves at all times) you need to time your jump to coincide with the top of the surge rather than leaping into empty air with a 2m drop! It is also important to avoid the biggest waves that break over the rocks and swirl around one’s ankles.

At the age of 35 I am somewhat less reckless than I was as a teenager and much better at evaluating risks (well most of the time anyway 😉 ). I need to satisfy my mind that I am ok with any ‘worst case scenarios’ I can imagine and take a moment of stillness to prepare myself for the final leap. I am strongly aware of the ‘risk of inaction’, imagining how lacking my life would be if I always avoided challenging situations and I feel both forces at once – one pushing me back towards safety and the other pulling me on.

I am vulnerable standing at the rock’s edge, the threshold where land ends and water begins. My perfect wave arrives, the last of my resistance dissolves and I leap, briefly airborne and then gliding out into the cool ocean with a few strong strokes to put me a safe distance from the rock ledge. The exhilaration is palpable! I wait for my friend Mick to go through a similar process and then we are both in the ocean, whooping to ourselves in shared delight before we swim around to the beach, past the waiting surfers and onto the beach.

I do love the idea of ‘Swallowing the Frog‘ where you start each day with something challenging and the rest of your tasks seem easier afterwards. Needless to say, Sunday was a good day for me!

Do you have a dream in your life?

Something that excites you and scares you at the same time so your heart beats faster when you think of it? It could be a wild adventure like leaping out of an aeroplane,  Whatever the experience or achievement you want in your life I wish you the courage to take your first step. Whether you are surveying the scene from a distance or poised at the edge and ready to leap off, know that your future begins now. Timing is important and you will know in your heart when your moment arrives. There is a difference between courage and recklessness so of course you should consider your way forward carefully and make yourself aware of any risks involved but always remember the biggest risk of all – the scenario where you do nothing and miss your chance. My wish is that you can enjoy a life full off grasped opportunities and free from regret.

Perhaps your dream is to feel ease and comfort whenever you swim and to love being in the water. If so I would love to hear from you and find out more about your swimming. We can talk about your swimming journey so far and look at options for you to move forward.

Please note: we take no responsibility whatsoever for anyone who choses to leap from a rock platform into the ocean! We do take full responsibility for helping you to achieve a brilliant outcome for your swimming when you sign up for one of our tuition packages. The support we offer after your pool sessions means that we are there for you long after we coach you in person. We are passionate about your success and offer an iron-clad money back guarantee. Our aim is to eliminating any risk of you not achieving your dream. Please call me if you would like to know more about our guarantee.



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