Outside the Box


We are pleased to announce a brand new TI course along with BTC.

‘Outside the Box’ is for swimmers who feel like their Open Water swimming is holding them back and who want to be confident beyond the pool and to love swimming in the Ocean.

This 7 Week course will help you to:

  • Swim confidently in Open Water
  • Understand the unique skills of Open Water swimming.
  • Set up an effective Open Water practise routine.



 Location: The South East end of Balmoral beach (click here for a map). Inside the nets to provide a safe learning environment.

Time: 6:30 to 7:30 am. You can choose either Tuesdays or Saturdays

Duration: 7 Weeks

Start Dates:  Tuesday 30th March or Saturday 3rd April

Group Size: 5 to 8 swimmers

Coach: Sarah Anne Evans

Cost: $140 – that’s only $20 for each session of learning which will build your swimming to a great outcome for the course!

“Being part of the Outside the Box Swim course has been amazing for my confidence and technique.  Previous to the course, I had completed next to no swimming in open water due to my technique causing me to feel exhausted.  By learning to relax and use the techniques taught by Sarah-Anne, I was surprised at how much more effective my swimming became with a lot less effort!  Now that I am taking on a half ironman with the swim being in open water, I feel so much more confident that I will get out of the water with more energy than I would have previously and increase my race time which is fantastic!  I would definitely recommend this course to my friends and in fact, I already have!”

Shellee, Manly – March 2010

This course is suitable for intermediate swimmers who have some confidence in the pool. Non-swimmers should take another one of our courses first. Please call us on 1800 007 505 if you have questions about course suitability.

Click here to book via our website!


Terms and Conditions: It is important that you can make it to all of the sessions. We will not give refunds for sessions that you cannot attend but if you do need to miss a session we will give you the option to catch up during the same week (eg if you miss a Saturday you will be able to come to the following Tuesday). We regret that bookings cannot be be refunded.


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