Special Offer: Valentine’s Workshop in Brisbane


The upcoming TI workshop in Brisbane is on Valentine’s Day weekend so we’ve decided to offer you something special:

Book into our Fishlike Freestyle Workshop.                               Bring along a loved one for free!

  • 13 hours of state of the art swim tuition
  • Personalised goal setting
  • Individual feedback
  • Comprehensive video analysis
  • Fully supported by phone and email

Total cost for you and your Valentine?   $1100 $550 (save $550)

The smile on their face?                             PRICELESS!

It’s a lot more fun when there is someone else to share it with!

  • 13th & 14th February 2010
  • 11 to 5:30 on both days
  • Spring Hill Baths, Brisbane
  • This course is suitable for anyone who can swim 25m

Please call 1800 007 505 for more information or

Click here to book your place

Make sure you let us know who you are bringing along!

Just wanted to say a personal thanks for the course last weekend aside from the feedback form.  The main revelation for me is that I am now looking forward to my swim sessions – I really enjoy freestyle! A really cool thing happened this morning – was in the pool practising balance drills and then decided to do a ‘ctrl/alt/del’. The girl in the next lane was swimming a better freestyle than I used to (not difficult I guess) so I gave her a 5m or so head start to see what would happen… So I push off, head down, nice and relaxed like you showed us and swam until I needed a breath at about 25m…looked across & I was comfortably in front of the girl in the next lane – how amazing is that!!

Chris Sproston – Fishlike Freestyle Workshop, November 2009


2 Responses to “Special Offer: Valentine’s Workshop in Brisbane”

  1. Sita Om Says:

    HI! i love your page and what you are doing. I was wondering who owns the rights to this picture

    it makes me very happy. I am currently in Honolulu, Hawaii and working with clients who are interested in ocean swimming.
    Would it be possible for me to use this photo?

    Thank you

  2. D Bertschinger Says:

    you would need to contact total immersion directly

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