Say ‘Hello’!


We like talking about swimming. We love meeting people to go for a swim!

Here are some events where you can catch up with a TI coach:

Balmoral Triathlon Club Aquathlon & Open Day – Sunday 25th October 3-4pm

Come and take part in either the Enticer (150m swim, 1.5km run) or the Challenge (400m swim, 4km run). Cost is $10 or free for member of BTC and there is a monthly series on Friday evenings through the summer. Total Immersion is sponsoring this event so drop in and say hello to Dunstan, Warren or Sarah Anne from 2:30 onwards. You can also sign up to win some TI goodies with a Fishlike Freestyle course worth $550 as first prize!

Busselton Ironman – Thursday 3rd to Sunday 6th December

If you are heading to beautiful Busselton this year you might like to join us at the swim start during race week. Dunstan will be offering a free ‘tune up’ service to help you to swim your best on race day. This can make a really big difference. Here is an example from Deb. Her partner had a ‘tune up’ last year:

Sean’s expected 1hr30+ Ironman swim and being prepared to resort to the Japanese Sidestroke ended up being a 1hr15. He literally had a 2 minute tutorial.  We were all amazed. Imagine if he’d done the whole course?!

You can also sign up for one of our Free Demo Courses.

Come to a pool near you and try out TI for yourself!


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