What is ‘Easy Speed’?


Imagine your dream race. You are swimming your best and keeping up without even trying. Your intense focus has somehow distorted time so that each moment lasts forever and yet the race is over in the blink of an eye. You know you must be working quite hard but it doesn’t feel that way. You actually feel like you are being pulled along the course by an invisible tractor beam.

We are excited to offer a new course for Workshop Alumni who are ready for the next step. Our ‘Easy Speed’ course covers advanced freestyle skills and teaches you how to swim your best at pace.

  • Learn how to ‘feel’ and ‘hold’ the water to optimise propulsion from the catch.
  • Learn to maintain your effective stroke while you apply more effort.
  • Optimise your effort, tempo, stroke length and speed.
  • Maintain composure under the pressure of race conditions so you can feel great right through to the end of any swim race.

Coach Ben


TI Coach Ben Wearing facilitates this one day workshop:

So you are “getting TI”, things are falling into place, feeling good, feeling right. The next question if you haven’t asked this of yourself already is “thats great but how do I get more speed”. I have always felt this to be a natural progression and a question that I’d like to help swimmers explore and be able answer. Well now it’s possible.


Our first Easy Speed workshop was held in September, offering TI Alumni a chance to get some grunt out of their swimming. There are two ways you can can get faster, 1. stroke quicker or 2. go further on each stroke. Stroking quicker comes at a greater trade off of using energy than does a longer stroke. It is also harder to maintain your form when the effort gets harder.


In this workshop you will learn how to get more distance out of your stroke. Discovering how to maintain alignment even when breathing, improve timing and using anchoring for a smooth strong switch. We also help you find your optimal stroke length and how to vary your speed by using training methods to improve both. If you have asked yourself “that” question  or when you do then it’s time to feel Easy Speed!

The Easy Speed Workshop will be running regularly for alumni that are ready to take the next step.


Swim like you love it 🙂



Is this the right course for you? Click Here to find out!



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