Why ‘Swim all Day’ ?


How far can you walk?

Chances are you could keep on going for quite a long time…

You might not want to walk all day.

You would need to eat and drink and you might end up with blisters but chances are you could do it.

We believe that swimming should be as easy as going for a walk in the park and we can show you how to do it.

Once you have the skills you can can keep on swimming for as long as you want. There really is no limit!

TI swimmer doesn’t need much effort to glide through the water so extra power translates into speed so an efficient TI stroke is an excellent foundation for fast swimming.

This blog is for swimmers who want to swim like they could Swim all Day.

Relax Side Original


2 Responses to “Why ‘Swim all Day’ ?”

  1. Brian Mooney Says:

    Hi Dunstan

    Just wanted to let you know I went to my local seal pool (Bronte) this afternoon to try out what I learned at your demo on Sun. Before I realised it I’d already done 10 lengths of 30m (stopping only for 5-10 secs at the end of each length) and I was as relaxed after the 10th length as I was after the 1st! So I did another 2 lengths just for the hell of it (warm down?!) eventhough I felt I could have continued to 20 lengths but decided to leaved that for another day.

    Just to highlight the dramatic improvement – no, transformation – before I would have been out of breath after 1 length & totally buggered after 2 and given up. In fact I’ve been bragging to anyone who would listen since Sun about the 4 lengths I did at the end of the demo session!

    What’s even more encouraging is I still feel I can improve so much more especially with my breathing & I look fwd to learning how at your w/e workshop soon.

    Quite frankly I’m stoked and part of me is still in disbelief at such a dramatic improvement after such little (but powerful) coaching.

    Thank you thank you thank you!


  2. Dunstan Bertschinger Says:

    Its great to hear from you Brian and I’m really excited that you got so much out of the Demo session. It is an inspiration to hear that you have made such big changes so quickly and we look forward to helping you further

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